Flicker Nest From The Celery Farm

I was going through old hard drives clearing files I did not need or want anymore and I came across some images I took along the path of a Flicker Nest. This was from the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale NJ. The nest was right on the main path that goes around Lake Appert and was at eye level. Seemed strange to build a nest on a heavily walked path. I kept a long distance from the nest to not bother the nest. But others just walked right up to it. So I got a series of images and moved on so not to disturb them, even though others did not seem to give them space. But having people close by did not seem to bother them. All images were with a Canon 100-400mm lens @ 350-400mm with a Canon 20D (Full-frame equivalent ~560mm to 640mm)

Yellow-Shafted Northern Flicker

I was condensing files on my external hard disks and came across these files of Norther Flickers. I had found this Northern Flicker preening in a tree at the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale NJ. I liked the the Red on the nape of the neck with the yellow on the bottom side of the feathers and the sunlight on the eye and face of the Flicker and skimming across the yellow feathers. I only had time for the one photo before it flew down to a lower tree. So I was glad I got at least one in this light.


flicker v1

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