Meeting House At Night 4 Image Blend

My second version of the Meeting House Image. This time a 4 image blend exposed for different sections, then combined in Photoshop. All at 24mm. I also tried 12mm, but the Meeting House looked too small in the frame. First I exposed for the brightly lit building. Then an exposure for the darker trees and foreground lawn. Then 2 exposures for the few stars that were visible at this angle. I used a technique of greatly over exposing the sky on one of these, then using levels in Photoshop to pull out a few more faint stars so they stood out more. Then combining those two layers. I also made a reverse mask of the bright building so I could replace the area around the building steeple with the dark sky with stars and darker trees. Then I manually layered and masked my layers to where I liked all the elements of the image so they looked like it was somewhat balanced.
The exposure for the stars was 30 seconds, the longest time so not to show movement. But being in NJ, I had to try a few times because a jet would fly through and leave a streak of light from the lights on the wings. Which in some ways looked interesting, but not what I was after. But it is New Jersey with constant planes going overhead, so maybe I will add it later.

Night Stars & Plane Passing Through

In the Northeast 25 miles from New York City, the night sky is too bright for photographing stars formations in the night. But it is still fun to try and see what you can get. This is shot at 20 secs, 16mm @ f/4.5 @ 3200 ISO. The plane flying through left an interesting arc. 


This one is about the same exposure but moved a little to the right, a little more towards the direction of NYC, so the right side is a little brighter. The next one is shot a little higher and you can see it is even brighter on the right side. Again a plane was starting to fly through during the 20 second exposure. I think I would have had better luck shooting more to the left, but had too many tall trees in the way. In this area it is hard not to get a plane flying through, but it is still fun to try different techniques and fine tune them.


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