Fallen Fall Leaves

The leaves this year do not seem as vibrant overall as other years. Plus it has been extremely rainy and gray. But there are spots of bright colors here and there. The background textures also added interest to the leaves.


Blue sky was reflecting in the puddle around the yellow leaf adding color around the yellow leaf


Curlews Across The Channel

I saw this group of Curlews across the water channel along the Wildlife Drive. Usually I only see one working an area, but here I saw 3 working an area for a meal. The one on the left caught something, not sure what it was but usually when they peck at the ground or forage in grasses they are going after grasshoppers, beetles or other insects. If you see them going deeper with their long bills they are foraging for earthworms, shrimp, clams, etc.  This group was just slowly walking and pecking at the ground. But it was fun to see a small group working an area out in the open.

Whimbrel v2 Brig 5 17_43G2262 2Whimbrel v2 Brig 5 17_43G2273 2

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Nature Still Life Images From Our Walk

We have been trying to get out and walk more so we were trying the Nature Walk at a local Wildlife Center. It goes through a heavily treed area with ponds and marshy areas, with lots of different plants along the way. I enjoy picking out still life images from what we find along our walk. It can be branches with dried leaves, a feather laying on the ground or almost anything that catches my eye. I especially like shooting 2 to 5 shot panoramas of fallen tree branches. Some have an amazing variety of textures, colors, shadows, etc. Also look for a tree with interesting tree roots, shadows or shapes. Sometimes you find a spot of color when everything else is drab. Look for sunlight highlighting an area of interest. Strong highlighting adds textures or highlights interesting shapes. It is also interesting to look for subjects for some extreme closeups such as 1X to 8X, but that is for a different blog post. To sum it up, it is like a treasure hunt and your techniques can enhance what you find. It also helps you see more and broaden your visual skills. On a walk I usually take 2 cameras, one lightweight m43 with a 14-140mm lens (35mm equiv. of 28mm to 280mm) and a Canon 1D MkIV with either a long lens or a 150mm macro. It depends on how much I want to carry.

Tree Limb v3 pano McFaul 2015_1290951

3 shot panorama


Tree Limb v1 McFaul 2015_1290972

Tree Limb v1 McFaul 2015_1290960

Tree Limb v1 McFaul 2015_1290959

Tree Limb v1 McFaul 2015_1290958

fern v1 McFaul 2015_1290927

Abstract v2_MG_6584

Bark v1 McFaul 2015_1290948


plant v1 McFaul 2015_1290812

Bark v1 McFaul 2015_1290945


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