Mute Swan Gliding In For Landing On A Foggy Morning

Still going through files I had not gotten to working on. Somehow work keeps getting in the way. This is from a local nature area. It was a foggy morning so I thought I might get some ducks in the fog before the sun burned off the fog. Then a Mute Swan glided in heading towards me. I liked this one because of the reflection of the landing Swan. The light was poor and again I added contrast and other editing techniques to make it less “muddy” looking but still give the look of the foggy morning.


Mute Swans Landing

This is the same group of Mute Swans from the previous post. After they flew in front of me they landed in the water to my left. I like photographing Swans for many reasons. The First is they are a large subject so easier to fill the frame than small birds. Second, they can get quite animated when swimming around with others, especially a mate, showing different postures and interactions. Third, is they are really cool to hear flying if they are close to you, quite a whooshing  sound as they go by, especially if you get 5 or more in a low pass. Forth, if a rival male comes in to an area they are nesting, you can get quite a few action shots, with them trying to protect their area. No 5, they are fun to photograph in sequences if they are taking off from water, flapping their feet against the water in their long take-off runs. My list can go on & on, but I will add to it later with other images.

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