Mute Swans At The McFaul Environmental Center

I found these Mute Swans at a local Nature Center. They seemed very use to being around people so they came quite close. Perfect for some close up photos.

Mute Swans McFaul_43G1312

Mute Swan McFaul_43G1279 v1

Two Shot Panorama combined in Photoshop


Mute Swan McFaul_43G1222 v1

Mute Swan McFaul_43G1057 v1

Mute Swan McFaul 43G1044 v1

Mute swan McFaul _43G1097 v1

Mute Swan CU McFaul_43G1115


Sleeping Mute Swan

I was photographing this sleeping Swan, every once in a while it would open it’s eye to check me out, then go back to sleep.

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