Mute Swan Portraits

I was at a local park looking for subjects to photograph. They have some trails through the woods and a large 2.5 acre pond. There is usually a pair of Mute Swans in the pond. I did not see any at first, but then one of them appeared on the far side of the pond and eventually came fairly close to where I was. These were shot with a m43 camera with a 100-300mm Panasonic lens. So in Full frame equivalence, that is equal to 200-600mm, quite a bit of reach in a small lightweight easy to carry setup. It is surprisingly sharp if you are careful. Still prefer my standard Canon gear, but sometimes I just do not want to carry it all!

Assorted portraits and views at various focal lengths up to 300mm, depending on the distance of the Swan from me.


Mute Swan – Heads or Tails

I photographed this Mute Swan at a local Nature area. When you get close it is amazing how large Mute swans are. I like the way they kind of keep an eye on you when you are close to them. I was traveling light with my small m43 camera with a 100-300mm lens which is equivalent, because of the 2X crop factor of m43 cameras, to a 200mm Р600mm lens equivalent on a Canon or Nikon full frame camera body. For a 600mm equivalent the Panasonic 100-300mm has a fairly close minimum focusing distance with a small compact lens that is pretty sharp if you get use to adjusting the files.

swan tail mcFaul_1330315 v1

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