Little Muskrat

While I was photographing around the Black-crowned Night-heron, in the previous post, this tiny muskrat came right up to where I was standing. I had added extension tubes & a 1.4X telconverter to my telephoto to try finding some Dragonflies and could only focus in an area of 3 feet to maybe 6 feet away. While not a baby or “Kitten” as the young are called, it was probably a couple of months old. With my setup I could pretty much only get his eye with a little area around the eye.  He kept me company for a few minutes until I started to take off the extension tubes, thinking maybe I could get more of his body, but he scurried off back in the water and swam away. While setup for the dragonflies, I also shot a 2 shot panorama with the same setup of this Canada Goose, which was keeping me company all morning. I shot the left side with the eye, than moved the camera a little to the right to blend in the beak in focus.

Canada goose cu v1_43G0727

Muskrat Swimby Panorama

I was at a local Nature Preserve looking for Dragonflies, when a Muskrat swam by where I was setup. I had a 400mm lens on so I could not get the whole muskrat in one shot. I quickly shot 3 shots to make a panorama to get the tail in. I was also working to get the water wake to be symmetrical so the water wake lined up as closely as possible.

MuskRat Swimby v2 cf_43G7016

Muskrat Single Image with tail under water


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