Walk In The Woods #4 & 5

Some more from my Walk In The Woods multi-image detail stacked photos. The featured image is 3 images shot with a 300mm f/4 lens. Again because of how dark it was in the Woods I had to raise my ISO for these to 3200 for #4 & 6400 for #5 to get a fast enough shutter speed for handholding the camera with that focal length. Images aligned and blended in Photoshop, then cropped to where I liked it. Even opening the Canon Raw files in Photoshop’s Camera Raw software and reducing the noise from the high ISO, I still had more noise in my images than I wanted, so I then used NIK Define to reduce the noise even more. #5 is also 3 images shot with 300mm @ f/4 but more of a horizontal focus stack. I guess it is more of a challenge to get what I want this way, but it is fun to try.


Dried Weathered Leaf  –  #5


Walk In The Woods #2 & 3

Here is the second image from Our “Walk In The Woods” series the other day. There was not much sunlight along the path in the woods so it seemed like a lot of the subjects were mushrooms or other fungi. Again a multi-image shot, photographed @f/4, 300mm to have a shallow depth of field to highlight the areas I wanted to be sharp and to keep the background softer and darker to make the main section stand out. 4 images blended in Photoshop. I also did not want to brighten the images too much so as to maintain the Darkness of the area. The third image below, again fungi on a decaying tree limb. As before, a series of focus points & images @f/4, handheld. Assembled in Photoshop.


DM Woods_P1060516

Coming Out of the Woods, 2 img vertical panorama with my small Panasonic Pocket Camera. Shows how dark the “Woods” were. In this image I actually oped up the shadows quite a bit so you could see some detail.



Walk In the Woods Series #1

We enjoy walking along the paths at local parks and some go through the wooded areas. It is fun to look for little Photo Still Life images or Vignettes of natural details. It makes you look closer at what you are walking through. You never know what you will or can find. The only trouble is it is usually very dark for photographing my subjects. The featured image is a group of fungus on a tree trunk.  I would usually use a tripod but on this walk I just had a 300mm lens so I raised my ISO to 6400 to get a high enough shutter speed even at f/4 for a sharp image in the tree covered woods. I shot 4 images, handheld, and focused on 4 different areas because I was shooting at f/4 to get the areas I wanted sharper and still get moody soft areas where I wanted.  Then I aligned & assembled the 4 images in Photoshop for the final image.

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