Milkweed Bug Eggs On Leaf

When we were looking for dragonflies at the Davidson Mill Pond Park, I found these Milkweed Bug eggs on a plant next to a batch of Milkweed Plants in the fields. I thought they looked interesting, almost a formation of very tiny shiny eggs. I was using a Canon 300mm f/4 lens which has an extremely close focusing ability, which renders backgrounds nice and clean for close detail photos. And you do not have to get right on top of your subjects for closeup details. It is also fairly lightweight to carry around. If I need to get closer I can add extension tubes, which I usually do not need to use with this lens. It is one of Canon’s older telephoto lenses but still works well and it is fun to use and light to carry for long times.

New Leaf Pano v1 DM 6 17

Leaf Still Life -300mm

Stream Bluet v2 EC 6 17 v1_43G4596

Bluet Damselfly – 300mm

Northern Bluet v1 2img stk DM 6 17

Bluet Damselfly with Damaged Wing

Mushroom v2 EARTH cntr 6 17_43G4499

Mushroom Still Life – 300mm

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