Community Meeting House Fall Panoramas

As I was walking around our condo community, I liked the Fall colors and clouds around our community Meeting House. This building is used for community meetings, concerts, church services and a few other gatherings. Because of Covid-19 it has been closed for quite a while, but it is still fun to photograph especially with some of the Fall Colors and bright blue sky. The Featured Image is a 2 vertical image panorama taken with an iPhone 11 Pro using the 4.3mm lens (Full Frame Camera Field of View is 26mm).

4 Vertical Image Panorama, iPhone 11 Pro, 6mm lens (Full Frame equivalent 52mm), Assembled and Blended in Photoshop
Meeting House, 2 image Pano, 4.3mm lens, iPhone 11 Pro
Meeting House, 5 image Panorama, 6mm Lens, iPhone 11 Pro

Meeting House

I usually do not photograph buildings, except for my commercial work. But we moved to a Condo community a few months ago. It looks like an old New England Village. This is the Meeting House, which looks like a Church you would find in New England. During one of my walks, I liked the light on the building and even the bare tree limbs, which seemed to highlight the building more. I had wanted to photograph the building with all the fall leaves, but the leaves overpowered the building. I did like the blue sky and clouds showing through the leaves.


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