Dandelion Closeup Image Stack

Very closeup images of Dandelions going to seed remind me of fireworks! One of my favorite setups for this is a m43 Panasonic Camera body with an old Canon FD 200mm f/4 manual focus macro lens. So with this setup I can go to 2x macro without extension tubes, plus I have a great working distance. It is sort of equivalent to a 400mm  macro on a 35mm format. This lens seems to work great on m43 bodies. Plus it gives a great working distance to your subjects. These are image stacked from 4 to 7 images at different focus points and combined in Photoshop.

C_Dandelion 4stk img 4aDandelion Natures Fireworks v2 7img stkDandelion stk 5 img a1E_Dandelion stk 4img v2F Dandelion stk 4img v1G Dandelion stk 4imgH Dandelion v1 6img 200mmI Dandelion 6img stk v3

Small Leaf On Rain Dropped Leaf Background

This is a 2 image stacked photo, shot at f/4. It was a windy day, so I did not want to use a small f/stop because the leaves were blowing back & forth. It does not show here, but there was quite a bit of distance between the two main leaf subjects. So with the wind moving the leaves, I did not want a slower shutter speed that would show movement. I shot wide open at f/4 to minimize movement and focused the 2 shots for each main subject. Combined in Photoshop for the final image. I cropped the bottom leaf because there was too much open space in the bottom right corner.


Dandelion Short Image Stack

After a rain, I was looking for macro subjects in the yard. I found this Dandelion with a couple of little water drops on it. It was not a full “ball” on top so you could see inside to the center more easily.

I tried a 2 shot stack @ f2.8 for the featured image and a 4 shot stack for the image below. Both were shot handheld with a Sigma 150mm macro.

Dandelion 4img stk v2

4-images stacked in CC 2017 Photoshop, 150mm macro @ f/8

Korean Dogwood Berry

Some images in the yard, just looking to see what I could find to keep myself amused. I liked the Korean Dogwood berry close-up. That was at about 1.5X. Then I noticed this one had a visitor next to it. I guess it was about  a quarter of an inch in size. Sometimes it is interesting to see what you can find close to home. 2 images stacked in Photoshop.

Korean Dogwood Bud & Spider v4_1360708



Update – Bee Fly, Bombylius major

We found this bug on a window screen and thought it was interesting. We were not sure what kind it is, but I thought I should take some shots of it. We finally found out what it is, a Bee Fly, Bombylius major. These are shot at approximately 2X magnification. It almost looked a little “mean” and had a “cool” fuzzy look for some macro shots. It has the body of a bee and a face of a mosquito. 

Some comments I found online:

“A curious flying insect which was about 10mm long, hairy, beige/brown coloured, triangular in shape with a long snout which had the ability of flying backwards.”

“Approx. 1 cm long, wing span twice body length, mix of light brown and black, teardrop shaped, hovers and darts at leaves and dead twigs, long spear-like proboscis approx half body length apparently non retractable.”

“If I was to describe it compared to other animals it was a cross between a bee, a golden mole and a narwhal – but that sounds really silly.”.



bug macro v1_MG_6436

bug macro v1_MG_6441


macro bug v1_MG_6452

macro bug v1_MG_6456

macro bug v2_MG_6433

macro bug v3_MG_6422

macro bug_MG_6462

Butterfly Wing Detail – Tubular Veins

Another detail photo of a Butterfly wing taken in the studio at approximately 6.5X. Butterfly wings are made of two layers (membranes) that are nourished and supported by tubular veins. The veins also function in oxygen exchange – breathing. Covering the wings are thousands of colorful scales, together with many hairs.

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