Longwood Gardens Fountain Panoramas

I enjoy doing multi-image panoramas. It is sort of a challenge and I am usually trying different techniques to see what comes out the best. These are all shot with a m43 Camera @ 14mm with a series of handheld images. I tried a few different versions, a series of images shot with horizontal images for the pano and another with vertical images for a taller horizontal panorama. Then I also tried different ways in Photoshop to blend the images. Some I tried “Auto” for blending the different layers which usually works well. Photoshop tries to do what it thinks best for the assembly. In addition I also did the series with “cylindrical” assembly.  I think I liked the pano done with 11 Vertical images. It usually works pretty well as long as you try to overlap your images quite a bit and try to keep a level horizontal line as you shoot the series. When you combine the layers of your pano in Photoshop, I usually also click on the box for content-aware-fill. It does a pretty good job of filling in blank areas that happen when Photoshop aligns everything and might have open areas on the borders or edges. Also it seems a little trickier with the m43 format instead of a regular DSLR. The more panos you try the more you seem to know if it is going to work in the end. It takes trial and error to get a feel for doing these and be somewhat confident it will turn out. I started doing these because I wanted to “travel” lighter without carrying a lot of lenses with me, Plus they are fun to do. So give it a try and do not get discouraged. After a few tries it gets easier to do and more predictable.

LW Fountains Pano 9x_vert v3

11 vertical images @ 14mm, m43

LW Fountains Pan0 6xLW Pano v2

9 horizontal images @ 14mm, m43



10 Shot Pano Of Main Fountain Garden At Longwood Gardens

The Main Fountain Garden at Longwood Gardens is about to reopen this month. We were there for the Tulip Gardens with more than 240,000 Tulips blooming around the gardens. The Main Fountain Garden has been closed for years during the renovation, but they were testing some of the fountains while we were there. This is a 10 shot panorama taken handheld at 14mm with a m43 camera. It was blocked off since it is not open to the public yet so there were no people in the way. I shot more overlapping shots than usual since it was such a long structure and it helped to avoid more distortion with the wide angle lens and the extreme length of the building. Processing the images in CC Photoshop 2017 seems to have less distortion at the edges than my old standby Photoshop CS6 Extended.

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