Little Green Heron & Black-crowned Night-Heron Foraging

We found this Green Heron foraging for a meal early in the morning at J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge in Sanibel, Florida. It was very focused on something in the water and hardly moved for quite a while. I guess what it was staring at disappeared and then it relaxed it’s stance and moved on. Also nearby was an immature Black-crowned Night-Heron. It was fun to see the 2 small herons close to each other. Because of the wide range of smaller photo subjects and the distance to them at J.N. Ding Darling, I usually use here a 400mm D.O. lens, with a 1.4x teleconverter on a Canon 7D. (Full Frame field of view equivalent ~896mm)

Immature_BCNH_v1_MG_0246 crop

Little Green Heron Hunting For Breakfast

I am going through backup hard drives, cleaning out files I do not need to make more space for future projects. Also I can use some images for posting here.  These were from a few years ago at a local Nature area we used to go to that was close to our old home. While I was photographing the Heron, it did not have much luck for a meal. But it did get a dragonfly.

Little_Green_heron_v4_cf_MG_0180 copyLittle_Green_heron_v1_cf_MG_0143Little_Green_Heron_v2_7D_400mm_1_4X_MG_0155


More Little Green Herons

Still going through files from the archives, getting images I overlooked. Here are some more Little Green Herons from the Celery Farm Natural Area. There used to be quite a few Little Green Herons there, but this year they were definitely down in numbers. They were still present, but the numerous presence of Greenies that used to be there was definitely missing. And they were definitely more distant than previous years.


Little Green Heron Eyeing Dragonflies for a Meal. Canon EOS1D MkIII, Canon 400mm f/4 DO IS lens, w/ Canon 1.4X Teleconverter, f/10, 1/640, ISO 500. Featured Image – Canon EOS 1D MkIII, Canon 400mm f/4 DO IS lens, Canon 2X Teleconverter, f/14 to help crispen up lens with 2X Teleconverter, 1/80 sec., -1 exp. comp., ISO 400.





Little Green Herons

This Little Green Heron flew across the Lake into the tree across from me. There were2 other Greenies there already. When the third one landed they started interacting with each other giving me some interesting photos. This lasted for a few minutes until the one heron flew off.

_MA_1456a b







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