Smoking Tree?

During our walk at the Plainsboro Preserve, we noticed this tree with a cloud formation right above it. It looked like a column of smoke coming from the top of the tree. For some reason it just amused me. The feature image was 1 shot, while the one below is a two image panorama.

Tree Clouds v2

2 image vertical panorama shot @ 14mm (m43 format)


Early Morning Clouds At Blackwater NWR

This is from a previous visit to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge Maryland. We like photographing there for Bald Eagles and landscapes. Being close to the coast, you can get some amazing vibrant colors at sunrise and sunset. This is a little after sunrise and the clouds were fantastic. Shot multiple areas along the Wildlife Drive and this is one in a series. (Once I have a chance to get to the others!)


Sunrise To Sunset at BWR

A series of Sunrise and Sunsets from along the Wildlife Drive at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge outside of Cambridge Maryland. The Featured image is along the start of the Wildlife Drive at sunrise.


Sunrise at Blackwater, @14mm-  m43 Panasonic (28mm – 35mm equivalent)


Sun getting lower along the Blackwater River, @ 24mm, 24-105mm Canon f/4



Sun starting to set near the end of the Wildlife Drive, @ 40mm, f/16, 24-105mm Canon f/4


Wider view of setting sun near the end of the Wildlife Drive, 24mm @ f/16, 24-105 Canon f/4 lens


Even wider view at almost sunset near the end of the Wildlife Drive, 24mm @ f/16, Can0n 24-105 f/4 lens


Glow after the sun has set, 50mm @ f/11, 1/200sec.,  Canon 24-105 f/4 lens

Blackwater Landscapes Along The Wildlife Drive

Usually we go to Blackwater NWR (Maryland) for photographing Eagles, Ospreys and other Birds & Wildlife. Or if we stay til dark, they have very colorful sunsets, being close to the coast. But lately I have been photographing more of the landscapes along the Wildlife Drive. Also gives some practice trying HDR techniques or Panoramas. The eagle population is still growing as many Eagles are returning to the Refuge for the Winter.  Next I have to try views along the trails. Usually when I am on the trails I have long lenses with me to capture birds in the trees. At this time of year the Ospreys have left and the Eagles are gaining numbers as many come down from Canada.

The featured image was a 5 shot panorama, over lapping images, shot at 24mm. The next image is a 6 image HDR bracketed panorama image assembled in Photoshop. 3 bracketed exposures for each of the 2 sections, combined in Photoshop. Still trying to get use to CC 2017 Photoshop, from my usual CS6 workflow.







Some different Fall Landscapes instead of the usual Fall leaves. I liked the dried grasses against the Fall Colors.

BH Bklt Grasses v2 2015_80I8538

BH grasses 2015 v1_80I7391

BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8726

BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8628

BH Grasses v2 2015_43G5616

BH grasses 2015 v1_80I7391

BH Bklt Grasses v2 2015_80I8538

BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8726

BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8709

BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8630

BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8592

BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8575

bh landscap v1 2015_80I8062


bh lndscp v1 grasses w fall color_80I7397

More Views of Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

I am still going through my images from our day at the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Lots of files to adjust and work on, so I am a little behind. Here are a few more.

BH Landscap v_80I7485 BH Landscap 2015 v1_80I7356 BH Landscap v1 80I7783 v1 BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8628 BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8575 BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8829 BH Landscap v1 2015_80I8912

Landscapes From Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

We went to the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware to see what we could find. Wildlife was usually far in the distance, but the landscapes were great. We still had some Fall color, but the clouds really added to the images. It was a fun day with lots of opportunities for great images.

bh lndscp v2_80I7532


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