LadyBug On Thistle

On a visit to Davidsons Mill Pond Park, I found this Ladybug climbing on a Thistle. I liked the “Spot” of Color of the Ladybug against the green part of the Thistle. I thought it looked like it was pointing to the flowering colorful top on the thistle and added interest. Image taken with 300mm lens @ f/11 on a Canon 1D mkIV.

Lady Bug Working A Leaf

I found this Lady Bug wandering all over this plant at Davidsons Mill Pond. A lot of the time it was partially hidden under leaves of the plant. Waiting for it to work towards the top of the plant, I was able to get a few shots before it disappeared .


Lady Bug On a Leaf

This Lady Bug just kept moving along this leaf, back and forth. Finally just went on the underside of the leaf. Looked like it was having a problem with one wing.

Lady bug v1_43G7509


lady bug v2_43G7521

Lady bug v2_43G7525

lady bug v2_43G7531


Green With A Spot of Red

I found this little Lady Bug on a green fern. The little Lady Bug added a bright spot of color to the monotone green of the fern and really stood out, even though it was very small in the frame. I tried to offset the Lady Bug and not have it in the middle of the frame, but I only had so much fern to work with. I did not want to crop in for the composition because the Lady Bug would get larger plus I wanted the fern to look as vast as possible.

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