Kolara Canon Full Spectrum IR Elph

I like photographing InfraRed images, but I did not want to modify one of my existing cameras to InfraRed. I have used Infrared Filters on my Cameras, but the cameras were not modified for InfraRed so you had to use a tripod with Infrared filters which had long exposure times which is limiting your choice of subjects and more to carry in the field. Kolara came out with a modified Full Spectrum InfraRed Canon ELPH (20 megapixel for~58 meg file ) that also gives you a choice of 37mm filters for a variety of InfraRed images. I started with the basic set of 3 filters, 590nm IR Filter, 720nm IR Filter and a 37mm Hot Mirror Filter which converts it back to a Regular Imaging Point and shoot pocket camera. Also you can get a wide variety of 37mm IR Filters for different B&W or Color InfraRed imaging. Where a Regular Modified Camera only has one IR setting. The images here were taken with the 37mm 720nm IR Filter.

Raw 720nm IR Image Before Converting to B&W Grayscale
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