Plainsboro Preserve iPhone Landscapes

We had gone to Plainsboro Preserve for a nice Nature Walk. The clouds were beautiful there so the landscapes really stood out and were impressive. It gave me a good opportunity to try shooting landscapes in different ways with the iPhone 11 Pro and the different camera lens choices. Still getting used to the iPhone 11 Pro multiple lens choices and how well and versatile the camera in the phone is. Especially if you open the iPhone jpegs in Adobe Camera Raw as raw files giving so many options and adjustments before you actually open them. It also allows you to enlarge them with the Raw settings with better results than just uprezzing the jpegs

PP Pano_v3_10 19


4.3mm iPhone 11 Pro (26mm Full Frame equivalent)


4.3mm iPhone 11 Pro (26mm Full Frame equivalent)



2 images assembled in Photoshop, 4.3mm iPhone 11 Pro ( 26mm Full Frame Camera Equivalent)


1.5mm iPhone 11 Pro (13mm Full Frame Camera Equivalent)


2 image panorama, assembled in Photoshop,  iPhone 11 Pro


1.5mm, iPhone 11 Pro,  13mm Full Frame Camera Equivalent

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