Infrared Panorama From Davidsons Mill Pond Park

I was going through images on external drives and found a series of Infrared images taken at Davidsons Mill Pond Park. I chose 2 images from the series to make a longer 2 image Infrared B&W Panorama. These were taken with a Canon R with a 24-105mm lens and a Hoya r 72 InfraRed filter. To balance the images you also have to photograph a white card with the InfraRed filter for color correction and then converting to Grayscale B&W.

Line-up the Infinity mark to the InfraRed Focus Point on your lens

Celery Farm Natural Area Panoramas – InfraRed BW & Full Color

We went to one of my favorite small Natural Areas that was close to where we used to live. The clouds were impressive so I shot a series of panoramas @ 17mm with a Canon 17-40mm lens and 12mm with a 12-24mm lens on a Canon R. I was mostly shooting with the Hoya R72 InfraRed Filter, but did a few without the R72 filter also.

The images below show the series of panorama images going from the raw image as shot with the Hoya R72 InfraRed filter, then the image balanced to the white card I also shot for color balance. Then going to the grayscale B&W Image.

17mm_4 img pano_IR_Raw

IR Image Hoya R72 Filter – @ 17mm – 4 Horizontal Image Pano

17mm_4 img pano_wb

Above Image color balanced with White Card Image for color balance

17mm_4 img pano_setup_IR_BW

Featured Image Converted to BW Infrared after white balancing color infrared image


7 Images (vertical) @ 17mm – Converted to BW Infrared


7 image panorama -shot @ 12mm – 7 vertical images combined in Photoshop





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