Multi-5 Image Faux InfraRed PanoramaS

I was working on images from a visit to Davidsons Mill Pond Park and thought I would make some Multi-Image Panoramas. As I was working on them I thought they would look interesting as B&W InfraRed Images. I have a couple of Photoshop actions & software to mimic Infrared Images so I gave it a try. These were done in Photoshop after I made the main 5 image Color Panorama. The Featured Image is the version I liked best.

Starting 5 Image Color Panorama, Olympus OM-D1, 14-140mm lens @ 14mm
Faux InfraRed Version Number 2

Infrared Panorama From Davidsons Mill Pond Park

I was going through images on external drives and found a series of Infrared images taken at Davidsons Mill Pond Park. I chose 2 images from the series to make a longer 2 image Infrared B&W Panorama. These were taken with a Canon R with a 24-105mm lens and a Hoya r 72 InfraRed filter. To balance the images you also have to photograph a white card with the InfraRed filter for color correction and then converting to Grayscale B&W.

Line-up the Infinity mark to the InfraRed Focus Point on your lens

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