Immature Yellow-crowned Night-heron

YCNH v2 brig 2015_43G1134

YCNH v2 brig 2015_43G1097

YCNH v3 brig 2015_43G1054

YCNH v2 brig 2015_43G1091


Egret & Heron Trees

One of my favorite spots at the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville NJ is this group of two trees near the end of the wildlife drive. It does not look like much at a quick glance, but if you look at what is in the trees it is full of photo opportunities. It is like a bird condo. The tree on the right has 64+ birds that you can see, not counting the ones on the other side and down below on the ground and in the water. The types I found on this pass were Great Egret, Little Egret, Snowy Egret, Immature Little Blue Heron, Immature Yellow-crowned Night Heron, in various amounts. Glossy Ibises were foraging in the water beneath and to the side, with Great Blue Herons and Cormorants. Plus there was constant coming and going. I have also seen Hawks, Bald Eagles,  Black-crowned Night Herons and Cattle Egrets here. It is a constant coming and going and depending on the water it can be extremely buggy. Sometimes you really have to scan the trees with a long lens and then you say did I see something. This time I saw something that I thought might be a Black-crowned Night-heron and waited for it to maybe move more and show itself. I was surprised to see 2 immature Yellow-Crowned Night-herons, which then flew off. There is also a number of small birds flying in and out. So depending how patient you are and how the bugs are behaving it is a fun place to observe and photograph.

Egrets Tree v1_43G0202

Egrets v2 brig 2015_43G0078

Egrets v4 brig 2015_43G0077

Geat Egret v2 brig 2015_43G0212

IMMAT YCNH Brig 2015 v3_43G0307

IMMAT YCNH FLYOUT Brig 2015 v2_43G0339

Immature Yellow-crowned Night-herons flying out.

Snowy & Great Egret v1 Brig 2015_43G0080

Snowy & Great egrets v1_43G0081

Snowy Egret & Great & Lit Blu v1 brig 2015_43G0084

Snowy egret v1_Brig 2015 43G0101

Great egret v2 brig 2015_43G0137

Little blue Heron Immature v2 Brig 2015_43G0069

IMMAT YCNH Brig 2015 v2_43G0307Snowy Great Lit blue Im Egret_43G0083

Immature Yellow-crowned Night-heron Walk By

This Immature Yellow-crowned Night-Heron just walked by right in front of me. Usually they are quite skiddish and do not stay out in the open in front of you, so I was surprised it just was walking along the shoreline. I also find it interesting that immature Yellow-crowns have a black beak and immature Black-crowned Night-Herons have a yellowish beak. Here in New Jersey they are rare, so it is fun to find so many in Florida.

_43G4669 v2

Yellow-crowned Night-heron Taking a Stroll
Canon EOS 1D MkIV, Canon 400mm DO IS f/4, f/4.5, 1/125 sec, -0.33 exposure compensation, ISO 800

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