Immature Mute Swan Fly By

A flyby of this Immature Mute Swan. I was watching this Immature Mute Swan swimming across this small lake. It took off and flew towards me so I was able to get some closer flight photos. Usually they fly away from where I am setup, so the Swan cooperated with me.



Mute Swan FlyBy

These were taken at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge a while ago. It was a foggy day and we were hoping it would burn off as the sun was getting higher. We saw this group of 4 swans coming towards us out of the heavy fog. They were close together and one behind was an Immature Mute Swan. They came very close and in a tight formation. I shot quite a few as they flew by, thinking they would not be great because of the fog and grayish look. But in Photoshop I brought up enough detail to be interesting.


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