Small Pond HDR

During our walk at the Davidsons Mill Pond Park, I liked this different view of this small pond. This is from the other side of the pond shown in a previous post, about an hour later than the first post image. I usually do not like HDR images, but the melting ice on the pond was so bright, I had to expose for the bright ice. Then a series of separate exposures for the mid-tones and the the dark trees and ice on the side. Images shot @ 24mm, series handheld and aligned & blended in Photoshop. I enjoy trying images like this more for getting use to doing these for when I come across a really interesting view I really like and want to use these techniques with a degree of confidence it would turn out the way I want it. Practicing these helps for future attempts because you can foresee some problems you can overcome with confidence it should all come together.

Sunrise and Moonset at Blackwater NWR

Here are a few early morning images from the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge Maryland. This series, taken between 5:30 and 6:00 am, was one day after a full moon in May. I liked seeing the detail in the moon, with the moon in a warm yellow color, lowering over the trees & water. ¬†Opposite was the sunrise, coming over the trees and water. I was shooting handheld between 1/125 and 1/40 of a second @ ISO 800 with a Canon 1D MkIV and a¬†Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS USM at 24mm & 105mm. I did not shoot bracketed exposures to later merge with an HDR program because I was handholding the camera. Instead I used one image and used Nik’s HDR Effects Pro 2 on a single exposure to mimic an HDR Image. Then used Nik’s Define to remove some noise.


_43G2659 3






_43G2691 v3


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