Blackwater NWR Sunset

We got to where we wanted on the Wildlife Drive to photograph the setting sun, but it was not as dramatic as we had hoped for. It was still fun to photograph and got a few good images. Then we moved a little closer, around the bend towards the straightaway to the exit. These are combinations of exposure  blends for darks & lights for shadow detail and bright detail along with multi-images for size. I was using 2 cameras, one with a 24-105mm, the other with a 12-24mm. The featured image is at 105mm (5 images, blended). If you see any specks in the sky, they are birds flying through. After the sun went below the horizon we then headed back to the motel to rest up for sunrise the next day.


Series of 5 images blended in Photoshop, 24mm


Three image blend @105mm


Four image blend @24mm


4 img blend @88mm


3 image blend – Sundown @24mm

Small Pond HDR

During our walk at the Davidsons Mill Pond Park, I liked this different view of this small pond. This is from the other side of the pond shown in a previous post, about an hour later than the first post image. I usually do not like HDR images, but the melting ice on the pond was so bright, I had to expose for the bright ice. Then a series of separate exposures for the mid-tones and the the dark trees and ice on the side. Images shot @ 24mm, series handheld and aligned & blended in Photoshop. I enjoy trying images like this more for getting use to doing these for when I come across a really interesting view I really like and want to use these techniques with a degree of confidence it would turn out the way I want it. Practicing these helps for future attempts because you can foresee some problems you can overcome with confidence it should all come together.

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