Little Green Herons

Herons & Egrets are one (of many) birds I like to photograph. The larger ones are more of the common ones you tend to see & easier to photograph. One they are a larger subject, but two, they seem to be more used to people. But the smaller Green Heron, Black-Crowned Night-Heron & Yellow-Crowned Night Heron & Bitterns seem to be more elusive and more of a challenge. So I think they are more fun to photograph. You just have to find them. Over the years I have found quite a few.  Here are some images of Green Herons. I usually found Green Herons very early in the morning, when there was hardly any light. Luckily if they noticed you they stood very still. Some of these were shot at 1/25 of a sec. Then when the young ones fledged you could see them in the treetops interacting with each other. Below are a few I found on old backup drives. Green Heron Cf v1_MG_0182-2 v4Green Heron v2 Cf_MG_9521Green Heron v3 cf_MG_9514GREEN HERON_MA_4428GREEN HERON flt_MA_1640GREEN HERONS_MA_1468


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