Green Darner Dragonfly Laying Eggs In Small Pond

I was photographing this female Green Darner dragonfly that was busy laying eggs in a small pond. It spent a large amount of time doing this so I had plenty of time to photograph the activity. It covered a very large area in this fairly small pond. The featured image is a 2 image panorama to get the reflection of the Darner in the image also. The Darner seemed to be spreading the eggs in a very wide area around the small pond. I was using a Canon 400mm DO lens & some images were shot with an extension tube to focus this close on the female Darner dragonfly when it came too close for my minimum focus distance.Common_Green_Darner_lay_eggs_v1_43G6528Common_Green_Darner_lay_eggs_v1_43G6351Common_Green_Darner_lay_eggs_v2_43G6263Common_Green_Darner_lay_eggs_v1_43G6177Common_Green_Darner_lay_eggs_v1_43G6151Common_Green_Darner_lay_eggs_v1-400mm_43G5930

Common Green Darner Dragonflies Laying Eggs

We had 2 different Common Green Darner Dragonflies laying eggs in the pond within an hours time. The first was there for about 20 minutes, which seemed quite long. Then the second flew in to the far side of the pond and stayed for about 40 minutes. A Blue Dasher buzzed it and it flew off and then came right back in a different spot and continued.


_43G6140 pond green Darner eggs v2

_43G6177pond green darner v2

Green Darner Laying Eggs

This  Green  Darner flew into the pond area and stayed for about 20 minutes, laying eggs. Changing locations multiple times. Giving me lots of photo opportunities. This is just one from a wide variety of shots.


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