Owlets Revisited

I went back to try getting closer, focal length wise. Got a little closer, but it was very cold & very windy with very strong gusts of wind so the owlets did not show themselves much. Used a 400mm lens and a Canon 7D (1.6X crop body) with teleconverters. With the 1.4X teleconverter, it equaled approx. 896mm equivalent on a full frame body or with the 2X teleconverter – it equaled approx 1280mm equivalent on a full frame body. But it helped in getting my subjects closer. These are still cropped in some, but not as much as the 1st set.

owls v2 mcfaul v2_MG_2155


Owlets In Nest

We heard about a Great Horned Owl nest at a local Environmental Center. The nest was in a dead tall tree across the pond and quite high up in the dead tree. I got a few images, but they were quite far away so I will try again with more lens power. While I was there I also shot a 10 frame panorama to show the location of the nest. I shot in a horizontal orientation for a vertical final image.

owls v4 mcfaul 2016_43G7012

owls v4 mcfaul 2016_43G6965

owls v3 mcfaul 2016_43G7012


Owls v3 McFaul 2016_43G6954

Owls v3 McFaul 4 2 16

owls v2 mcfaul 2016_43G7580

owls v2 mcfaul 2016_43G7052

owls v2 mcfaul 2016_43G7046

owls v2 mcfaul 2016_43G7012

owl pano v1

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