Great Egret Gliding By

An image of a Great Egret flying by at a local wildlife area near where I used to live. It had a small lake so you had a good chance of getting close images of a variety of birds flying by. They also placed branches in the shallower water for the birds to land on for more chances to get some interesting images.




Great Egret Flying Out In The Sunrise

Early morning photo of a Great Egret flying out against a colorful sky. This was photographed earlier, but with work l am trying to catch up on my personal projects.


Great Egret Gliding In

Great Egret Flying At You

There were lots of Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets around the Refuge. On most you could see their breeding plumage. This Great Egret was flying in right at me and I liked the angle and head on approach coming at me, so I got a few quick shots. This one is my favorite.

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