Young Great Egrets

_GE_Nest_Chicks_v2_AF_600mm_76A4291The featured image shows a little older set of young Great Egrets. They were just hanging out at the nest waiting for food for when their parents return. Below are a few other Great Egret nests with younger birds showing their “fuzzy” look. The images were shot at 550mm and 600mm.





Great Egret – Breeding Plumage

This Great Egret was at the very top of a tree that was loaded below with other nests of various types of birds. It really stood out against the bright blue sky. Photographed @ 600mm with a Tamron 150-600mm lens.




Same tree, off to one side

Great Egrets in Breeding Plumage

I found these Great Egrets feeding in a group. You can see they still have some Breeding Plumage and the colorful greenish lore by the eyes. They stayed together for quite a while working an area for food.

Single Egret from group showing breeding plumage better.

Great Egret v1 brig 2016_MG_6087


Great Egret Breeding Plumage

It is getting to the time of year when birds will be in breeding plumage. Which is a great time to photograph birds! Especially large wading birds. The wispy feathers and colorful lores add to the images. Looking forward to seeing what we can find. These are some from previous years.

Great Egret v3 brig_43G8049great egret v3 brig_43G8012_80I0334 v2_43G0536 v2a

GreatEgret Breeding Plumage v4 HP Vertbrig_43G8216_43G8971 v2_43G8971 v2_43G9679 v4_43G9693 v3

Great Egret Breeding Plumage

This time of year the Great Egrets are showing their Breeding Plumage. They are great to photograph showing the feathery feathers, long plumes in the back and colorful lore with green around the eyes. Depending on their position, the plumage shows up either more or less. Wait to get interesting angles, which usually does not take long as they are active birds. Also if it is windy, the feathers blow in the wind and spread out more for more impact. They are also large birds which helps fill the frame.


great egret v1 brig_43G8141




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