Great Blue Heron Wing Patterns

Last week when I was at a local Nature Area with a friend, it was overcast and a dull day. We got a few photo subjects, but one series was a flyby of two Great Blue Herons.They flew in from the right and went off to the side, then flew off into the distance. It was overcast and gray skies above us, so I did not think much of this series. I concentrated on one of the Great Blues as it went by and shot a quick series as it flew by. About 1-2 seconds @ 10 frames a second. Did not even look at them because a gray large bird against a gray sky did not look interesting to me. Looking at them later, I thought it would make an interesting montage showing the wing beats of a Great Blue and the bland background accented the gray bird’s wing positions. I made a montage of the images to show the flow and wing positions the slow flyby.

Here they go way off in the distance. We were hoping they would make a circuit around the lake, but they flew to the left of the lake and then off into the distance.

_GBH AM FLYOFF v143G6502

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