Golden-winged Skimmer Dragonfly – 4 Image Panorama

I was going through Backup Drives and came across this series of images of a Golden-Winged Skimmer Dragonfly (Male). This is a handheld 4 shot panorama taken with a 400mm Canon DO lens on a Canon 1D mk IV @ f/8 (for a smoother looking background). The panorama was aligned & assembled in Photoshop.

Cropped In Section To Show Detail

Golden-winged Skimmer Dragonflies

These Golden-winged Skimmer Images are from a previous trip to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland. It is a great Refuge to photograph in, lots of photo subjects. Especially in the warmer weather – Bald Eagles, Ospreys and of course Dragonflies! There are many types of Dragonflies here and some we do not usually see in New Jersey. So it is fun to photograph some different types of dragonflies instead of the usual dragons. There are a lot of areas for dragonflies throughout the Refuge, but my favorite spots at Blackwater are the first Observation Platform along the Wildlife Drive and the Wildlife Drive area with standing water on both sides of the Drive. The Visitors Center has gardens behind the building which also is a good spot for dragonflies. At the Observation Platform thereĀ are lots of parking spaces there and dragonflies are prevalent all along here on the sides of the Drive. The platform has a long ramp to the main platform so there are lots of Dragonflies around the base and by the vegetation as you walk up.

Golden-winged Skimmer_v2_BWR_8 18

Golden-winged Skimmer, femaleĀ 

Golden-winged Skimmer_V3_BWR_8_18_MG_4874

Golden-winged Skimmer, male


Golden-winged Skimmer, female

Golden-winged Skimmer_MaleBWR 8_18_MG_4892

Golden-winged Skimmer, male

Golden-Winged Skimmer

While I was at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge I photographed a lot of dragonflies. Some I have not noticed before. It is fun to find some that are different from my usual local varieties. I really liked these Golden-winged Skimmers. Besides their main color which really stands out, the wings look really cool also. Some images are focus stacked images, combined in Photoshop.

Golden-Winged_Skimmer_ v1_BWR _Dragonfly_v5_8_18Golden_Winged_Skimmer_v2_BWR_MG_5607Golden_Winged_Skimmer_v2_BWR_8_18_MG_5623Golden_Winged_Skimmer_v2_MG_5637


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