Golden Eagle Vs. Bald Eagle

I was going through my backup drives to clear out images I do not need and came across these images of a Golden Eagle going at a Bald Eagle at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland. We had seen comments online that there was a Golden Eagle that was staying around the Refuge giving visitors a good chance of getting some photos. I probably posted some before but I re-adjusted some of the images for more detail and better color. All Images were taken with a Canon 400mm DO lens with a 2x Teleconverter giving me a focal length of 800mm on a Canon 1Ds MkII. With the 2X Teleconverter my f/stop wide open was f/8 so I stopped down 1 more f/stop to get a little more detail.

Golden Eagle & Bald Eagle going at each other. Canon 1Ds mkII, 2x Teleconverter, f/11, 1/800 sec., +0.33 exposure compensation for lightening dark color of the Eagles.
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