Snow Through A Crystal Ball

After experimenting with my water drop photos, my wife bought me a large glass ball to experiment with. These are my first try photographing through my Glass Globe (Refraction Photography)

I tried it out on a snow covered tree in front of my neighbors. I used a 50mm Macro lens to try it out. It does not take much to get different views in the globe. Can not wait to try it out in the field with landscapes and gardens. You do have to be careful, it is quite heavy. Plus in sunlight you have to watch because the sun is directed on a subject and can start a fire.

Snowstorm Reflection v3 Reverse_43G4450-2

On this I Flipped the Entire Featured Image so my hand is flipped also

Reflection snow_43G4417

Snow Covered Trees Down the Sidewalk

Globe Reflection v1_43G4428

Globe angled for More Sky

Globe Reflection_v2 43G4440

Globe Positioned for More Sky and Centering Tree By House

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