Christmas Eve Full Moon

This is the first Christmas Eve Full Moon Since 1977, first time in 38 years! The last Full Moon of the year in December is called “Full Cold Moon”. I was worried because it was overcast earlier in the evening but eventually cleared and I was able to photograph the Christmas Eve Full Moon. For some strange reason it seemed like something I wanted or had to do. I do not know why! The next chance will be in 2034, so I will probably miss that one!

Shoot the Moon

I always look at a full moon and say, I have to photograph the full moon. But usually something comes up that stops me from doing just that. This time I persisted and did a quick few shots. I used a Canon 1D MkIV with the Canon 400mm f/4 DO lens with a Canon 1.4 Series III teleconverter, which give an effective focal length of 728mm @ f/5.6 between 1.3X crop camera body and the 1.4X teleconverter. I used manual exposure and used an exposure of 1/500 sec @ f/8, ISO 400. I underexposed just a little and brought it up in photoshop to hold details. I wanted to use f/11 or f/16, but I was handholding the camera and wanted a fast shutter speed for a crisper image. This post came about because it will be a full moon on Dec 17 and I started thinking I have to try again with a longer lens and try to do better this time and bring a tripod. Give it a try.

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