Fog Landscapes At Davidsons Mill Pond Park

Yesterday we woke up to very foggy weather, so we decided to go out and see what interesting images we could find in the fog. One of our destinations was Davidsons Mill Pond Park. I was only using my iPhone 11 Pro using the 16×9 format with the various built-in lenses. This format does not make the images longer, but crops the narrower dimension so it looks more like a panorama. The featured image is 5- 16×9 format images with the iPhone 1.5mm lens (Full Frame equivalent ~13mm) assembled in Photoshop.

iPhone 11 Pro, 3- 16×9 format images blended, 6mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent ~52mm)
iPhone 11 Pro, 2- 16×9 format images blended, 1.5 mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent ~13mm)
iPhone 11 Pro, 3- 16×9 format images blended, 1.5mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent ~13mm)
iPhone 11 Pro, 5- 16×9 format images blended, 3mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent ~26mm)
iPhone 11 Pro, 16×9 format image, 4.3mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent ~26mm)
iPhone 11 Pro, 3- 16×9 format images, 1.5 mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent ~13mm)
iPhone 11 Pro, 4 images, 16×9 vertical format, 1.5mm lens (Full Frame Equivalent ~13mm)

Ospreys In The Fog At Brigantine

These images were taken from a previous photo trip to the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, NJ. We stayed overnight to get an early start the next morning, but we woke up to a very foggy morning. We carefully drove from the motel to the Refuge anyway thinking maybe it would burn off at sunrise. But the fog stayed for a while and I kind of liked the eerie foggy look of the Refuge in the fog. Adding contrast and opening up the shadows helped with the very flat light with the flying Ospreys against the foggy white background sky. It sort of turned them into a high key white background. It was sort of interesting to be the only ones there in such a large foggy area. All images shot with a Canon 400mm Canon DO lens, some with a 1.4x teleconverter with a Canon 7D to get closer for flight images.
Osprey_Nest_v1_fog_400mm_MG_4834-2Osprey_v1_Fog_400mmDO _7D_MG_4955Osprey_v1_Brig_Fog_400mmDO_1_4x_7D_MG_5454Osprey_Fog_400mmDO_1_4x_7D_MG_5455Osprey_Fog_v1_Brig_400mm_D)_1_4X_7D_MG_5436Osprey_fog_v1_400mm_1_4X_7D_MG_5286Osprey_Fog_400mmDO_1_4x_7D_MG_5441Osprey_Nest_Fog_400mmDO_1_4X_7D_MG_5575

Blackwater NWR In The Fog

One of my favorite places to photograph is the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge outside of Cambridge Maryland. FromĀ Eagles, Ospreys, other birds, Dragonflies, Delmarva Fox Squirrels, stunning sunrises and sunsets, it is a great place to explore and photograph. It is a place you need to come prepared with a wide range of lenses since you never know what photo subjects you will come across. Because there are plenty of opportunities for a variety of photo opportunities. From macro, to landscapes, to Wildlife near and far. I guess that is why I enjoy being there. The main section to photograph is on the Wildlife Drive. Then the trails off the Wildlife Drive. But also there are miles of roads winding through the Refuge, but you really should not stop and photograph on those roads. It is fun to see the many Eagle Nests along them. There are a few boat launching areas you can stop at to photograph. Also the Tubman Trail which is down the road from the main Wildlife Drive areas, is also good for landscapes, Eagles and other birds. On this trip it was quite foggy when we got there. It was supposed to burn off a little later so it was fun to find some views and subjects to photograph in the heavy fog. Plus the Refuge was almost empty of other visitors, so it was an errie feeling to be pretty much alone in this large Refuge. The fog was actually worse than these images show. But I wanted to be able to show what I was photographing, so I added some contrast and adjusted the midtone levels in Photoshop to bring out a little more detail.

GBH in Fog v1 BWR _43G7994

Blackwater NWR – Trees In Light Fog

On one of our trips to the Blackwater NWR, there was a light fog at the Refuge when we arrived. Along the Wildlife Drive in the wooded area, I thought the fog looked interesting. It seemed to make the trees near to us stand out more against the hazy softer trees in the distance. I was using a 24-105mm lens @ 90mm to concentrate on the closer trees near the Wildlife Drive, adding depth to the image.





Great Blue Heron In The Fog

Early in the morning we arrived at Blackwater NWR and the fog was quite heavy. We thought it was going to burn off in an hour or so, according to the weather reports. I found this Great Blue Heron at the beginning of the Wildlife Drive and thought it was interesting. I increased the contrast and saturation in Adobe Camera Raw so you could at least see the Heron, but still have the feel of it being in fog. In “real life” the fog was so heavy you could hardly see the Heron. It was a “flat” gray with hardly any color, just gray. I also continued along the Wildlife Drive shooting different landscapes and “still life” detail images which I still have to get to.

Foggy Sunrise

A week ago, the sun was coming up on a foggy morning. At first it looked a little bland, then the color started to show through. The sun was glowing a warmer yellow in the fog making for an interesting spot of color in an otherwise B&W looking image. I used a Canon EOS 1D MkIV with a Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DO IS lens @ 150mm, f/8, 1/2500 sec , ISO 1250, aperture priority, -0.67 exposure compensation.

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