Floating Feathers

I went to one of the local spots to see what I could find to photograph. A lot of Canada Geese off in the distance and a few ducks. So I concentrated on Feathers that were floating in the water nearby. Some had water drops that added some more interest and dimension. One Feather, at the right angle, was shaped like a fish. All are stacked images, from four to 10 images, stacked in photoshop. All shot with a m43 camera, lens 600mm equivalent.

feather cf v4

Feather cf v8

feather stack cf v5a

feather v2


Feather With Water Drops

Closeup of a feather with water drops after a night of light rain. Had gone to the Celery Farm Natural Area to look for macro subjects since wildlife has been sparse lately. Found a lot of feathers with water droplets with the morning sun starting to light the droplets. Used a Panasonic GH2 m43 camera body with a Canon FD manual focus f/4 macro lens. On the m43 body, the angle of view is equivalent to 400mm, and closeup to 2X . It is a fun combination for closeup and macro shots. A lot easier to use, with more working distance and still goes to 2X, a lot easier to use than the Canon MPE-65mm lens that goes only 1-5X macro only (on full frame body).

_1270361 cf weed spider web v1


_1270373 cf wildflower v1 2014

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