Colorful Fall Handheld Panoramas From Davidsons Mill Pond

We went to Davidsons Mill Pond Park to photograph the Fall colors. I was only using my Canon R with a 24-105mm lens & my iPhone 11 Pro. All panorama images here are with the 24-105mm @ various focal lengths. I purposely made a series of panoramas at different focal lengths (as listed below images) and different numbers of images per panorama. I was trying to show how sometimes it is better to use more images per panorama in the beginning & once you get used to doing them you can use less images and still get the image that you wanted. Also by shooting more images than you need, you get used to how the process works and get the feel for how many you will need in the future. In Photoshop you just load all images into one layered Photoshop file. Select layers and chose Auto-Align, then Auto-Blend. Comes in handy for the times you want a wider image or taller image and have the wrong lens to accomplish your vision. If needed I can post a more step by step process blog.

5 Image panorama @ 24mm, Canon R ( with lots of overlapping for better alignment & blending)
7 Image panorama @ 24mm, Canon R, with much more overlapping on each image. Trying to show more of the water reflections
7 image panorama, 24mm, Canon R, images with more overlapping on each image
4 image panorama, 24mm, Canon R, images with less overlapping on each image
4 image panorama, 24-105mm @ 24mm, Canon R – 4 images with more than usual overlapping in each image
4 Horizontal images, stacked vertically with lots of overlapping on each image, 24-105mm lens @ 70mm, panorama
Davidsons Mill Pond Boat Launch Area, 24-105mm @47mm, 4 horizontal images stacked VERTICALLY with less overlapping on each image for a vertical image made with horizontal images

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