Fall Landscape Panoramas At Davidson’s Mill Pond Park

These are a series of multi-image panorama landscapes @14mm with m43 format images. The featured image is a series of 4 images, blended and combined in Photoshop. It was a clear day, but the trees had already lost a lot of their leaves. But it was nice to see some with some bare spots. I thought it looked interesting to see spots of color here and there.


3 image panorama version of the featured image,  14mm horizontal images, m43 format

DM_11_18_Sm_pond v1_1450897

3 Image panorama, 14mm horizontal images, m43 Camera @ small pond


Wider Panorama, 4 images, more overlap on each, 14mm, m43 Camera

Davidson’s Mill Fall Landscape Panorama

We were looking for colorful photo subjects on the Farm Road Trail at Davidson’s Mill Pond Park. I was looking for more detail type images so I was using a 300mm f/4 lens. On the trail I liked the colors and trees on the far side of the pond. I shot 11 handheld images to get all I wanted in my panorama. I overlapped the images a little more than usual so the images would assemble easier for the final panorama image.


Additional Pond Image taken with my small pocket camera


Another Pond Image zoomed in a little, again from my small Panasonic pocket camera.


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