Eagles at Sunrise

When we go to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge Maryland, we try to arrive right before sunrise. It takes us about 4 hours, so with traffic, many times we arrive a little late. On this trip we got there right on time. Driving down the entrance road and stopping to sign in, we spotted these 2 Eagles in a tree right along the entrance road. I liked the warm light as the sun was rising behind the tree with the Eagles, giving me an abstract silhouette of the Eagles. I got a few shots, but we wanted to get a little further down the road for some Landscapes with the rising sun.


Bald Eagle Fly-By

This Eagle took off from a tree and gave us a quick opportunity for a close fly-by. Only had a chance for a quick photo before flying off.

Eagles at Blackwater NWR

I was photographing Eagles at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. This one was feeding on a Canada Goose when another interested Eagle tried to get its meal away from him. They were off in the distance and even shooting at 800mm required some cropping.

Bald Eagle at Blackwater NWR

On our last trip to Blackwater NWR we found this Eagle roosting in a tree along the Wildlife Drive. We were able to get a few shots before it flew off across the refuge. I used some fill light with a flash with a Better Beamer Flash Extender since some of the Eagle’s body was in the shadows while the head had a spot of sunlight on it’s head, to help equal out the exposure. It is always fun and exciting to photograph Bald Eagles.

_43G9140 bwr Eagle v5


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