Day Lily 4 Shot Panorama & Focus Stacking

I used 4 photos shot at different focus points and narrow depth of field to get a soft background along with sharp detail on my flower subjects. Shot with a handheld Sigma 150mm macro lens @ f/5.6. Assembled in Photoshop for both the blending of images and then the panorama.

Day Lily After A Rain

I Went looking for photo subjects in the yard after a rain storm. I found this Day Lily which had quite a few water drops over the flower. I was shooting @ f/2.8 for a softer background, since there were other plants & leaves close behind the flower. So I shot 6 images adjusting focus on the areas I wanted more in focus to maintain a softer background. Combined in Photoshop for the effect I was looking for.


Day Lily Stamen Image Stack

The Day Lily’s were blooming in our garden, so I wanted to do some closeup image stacks for practice. Usually I use a 50mm or 100mm macro lens, but I wanted a little more distance to concentrate on the stamens. It was a cloudy day so it was as if I was using a giant soft box so there were no harsh shadows to deal with. I used a 150mm macro to help concentrate on the stamens and still give me the working distance I wanted. This was a 6 image stack, focused pretty much just on the stamens. I did not want the whole flower in sharp focus, so I concentrated my focus stack only anthers on the end of the stamens. Again combined and assembled in Photoshop. Each Lily has 6 stamens attached at the base of the petals, and each stamen has a stalk called the filament that ends with a two-lobbed anther filled with yellow dust like yellow pollen.

Day Lily

A quick shot of one of our Day Lilies around our home. It has been very busy at work, so it is hard to go to our usual photo spots. So I was seeing what I could find in our garden. I liked the bright colors of this Day Lily and concentrated on the. Each Lily has six stamens at the base of the petals. In this shot 1 stamen is behind one of the others. Each stamen has a stalk called a filament that ends with a 2-lobed anther filled with dusty yellow pollen. I concentrated more on the center of the flower and let the rest go softer.

Day Lily

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