Dandelion Closeup Image Stack

Very closeup images of Dandelions going to seed remind me of fireworks! One of my favorite setups for this is a m43 Panasonic Camera body with an old Canon FD 200mm f/4 manual focus macro lens. So with this setup I can go to 2x macro without extension tubes, plus I have a great working distance. It is sort of equivalent to a 400mm  macro on a 35mm format. This lens seems to work great on m43 bodies. Plus it gives a great working distance to your subjects. These are image stacked from 4 to 7 images at different focus points and combined in Photoshop.

C_Dandelion 4stk img 4aDandelion Natures Fireworks v2 7img stkDandelion stk 5 img a1E_Dandelion stk 4img v2F Dandelion stk 4img v1G Dandelion stk 4imgH Dandelion v1 6img 200mmI Dandelion 6img stk v3

Dandelion Short Stack

I was looking for some photo subjects in the yard after a light rain and found this weathered dandelion with a few tiny raindrops on it. It was open on top so I could see more into the center. I shot a short series of focused images for what I wanted in focus, wide open at f/2.8 with a 150mm macro lens. Four images, aligned, stacked and combined in Photoshop. I used f/2.8 instead of stopping down more to get a clean looking background and used image stacking to get what I wanted in a limited focus range, while keeping the smooth looking background I wanted.

Dandelion 4img stk v2

4-images stacked in CC 2017 Photoshop, 150mm macro



Dandelion Short Image Stack

After a rain, I was looking for macro subjects in the yard. I found this Dandelion with a couple of little water drops on it. It was not a full “ball” on top so you could see inside to the center more easily.

I tried a 2 shot stack @ f2.8 for the featured image and a 4 shot stack for the image below. Both were shot handheld with a Sigma 150mm macro.

Dandelion 4img stk v2

4-images stacked in CC 2017 Photoshop, 150mm macro @ f/8

Dandelion Closeups with Multiple Focus Stacked Images

Dandelion stacked images are tough to get with everything in focus because of all the fine feathery elements in the Dandelion and the total depth from front to back. These are not perfect but were still fun to do. Some are shot with more of a concentration on the front half. I should also make a wind break so the subject is not moving with even a slight breeze. Also gives me an excuse to not have a weed free yard!

dandelion v6 b

Dandelion_1310331 set

Dandelion stack v5


dandelion v6 b

Dandelion v1_1310355 no stack

1 image – non stacked image


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