Praying Mantis On Cosmos Flower

When we got home we noticed this Praying Mantis on a Cosmos Flower in our front gardens. I shot a few with my cell phone, then went and got my camera to get better images. I used a 150mm macro on a Canon R. I tried a few versions but the featured image is a 4 shot panorama assembled in Photoshop.

Praying_Mantis_vf2_1 image_8_19

CloseUp Image of the Praying Mantis – 150mm

Praying_Mantis_CU_150mm_v2 76A3491

Even Closer – 150mm @ f/11

Praying Mantis on Cosmos_v1 _76A3494

Praying Mantis Shot @ f/18 for more depth of field

Cosmos Flower

I liked the color and textures of this Cosmos flower. It is interesting that it is a member of the sunflower family.

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