Raindrops On Fall Leaves

We went for a walk in our community and wanted to photograph some of the colorful leaves that have finally turned colorful. The images here are multi-image panorama images shot with my iPhone 11 Pro with the 6mm lens. Equivalent Full frame camera focal length would be approximately 52mm. The featured image was 3 vertical images blended in Photoshop for the final image. I also usually use the 16×9 image format on my iPhone which gives me a wider or taller image to work with.

Fall Leaves, 19 landscape image panorama, two rows of multi-images assembled in Photoshop, iPhone 11 Pro, 6mm lens (Full Frame Lens Equivalent ~52mm)

Autumn Leaves

Here are some Autumn leaf images taken a few years ago. So far this season, here in NJ, the leaves are not very colorful. So while I am waiting I thought I would post these. The featured image was taken @f/11 with a 400mm f/4 DO lens with a 1.4x teleconverter. The leaf was floating in a small lake at sunrise. Images below were along the the walking paths at the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale, NJ.

Leaf on Leaves, Celery Farm Natural Area, Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 300mm, f/8, Canon 1D mkIV
Leaf on Leaves, Celery Farm Natural Area, Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 210mm, f/8, Canon 1D mkIV
Colorful Leaves, Celery Farm Natural Area, Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 230mm, f/8
Leaf on Stump, Celery Farm Natural Area, Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 180mm, f/11

Fallen Fall Leaves

The leaves this year do not seem as vibrant overall as other years. Plus it has been extremely rainy and gray. But there are spots of bright colors here and there. The background textures also added interest to the leaves.


Blue sky was reflecting in the puddle around the yellow leaf adding color around the yellow leaf


Sweet Gum Fall Leaves

The community we live in now have beautiful tree lined streets. Many of them are American Sweetgum trees. In the Fall, it is amazing the different colors of leaves in the same trees. The leaves are 5 pointed star shaped and in the same tree many different sizes, from small to large. They also have a hard multi-spiked fruit that looks like a spiked ball. These are from late fall so the leaves were getting scarce in the trees. Work sometimes gets in my way for posting here.


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