Cloud Reflections In Wet Sidewalk – iPhone 11

It stopped raining so I was walking on the sidewalk outside my home and noticed some interesting reflections of the clouds above in the wet sidewalk below. The clouds also looked a little like ice on the sidewalk. They finally opened some of the parks here in NJ, but are limiting the amount of people they let in. So I was looking for something to post here and thought these might be interesting. The featured image was the first image I photographed in this series with the 6mm lens (Full Frame equivalent 52mm) & using the 4:3 format. The rest of the images are panoramas shot with the same lens but with the 16×9 format and different numbers of images shot for each panorama. I do not like the distortion you get using the iPhone pano feature because of the extremely small lenses, so I shoot a series of multiple single images for each panorama and assemble them in Photoshop. Using the 16×9 format instead of the standard 4:3 format on the iPhone 11 Pro, gave me a longer image to start with so I did not need as many images to work with. But because of the extremely small 6mm lens I tend to shoot more images for the series to help minimize distortion. Overall they aligned nicely and only needed a few tweaks after Photoshop aligned and blended them.

_Sidewalk_Clouds Reflection 5_img_1v2_6x9_iP11_Pro 6mm

5 image panorama, 6mm lens, 16 x 9 format, iPhone 11 Pro

_Sidewalk_Clouds Reflection 4_img_iP11_Pro 6mm

4 image panorama- 16 x 9 format, 6mm lens, iPhone 11 Pro

_Sidewalk_Clouds Reflection 5_img_16x9_format_iP11_Pro 6mm

7 image panorama- 16 x 9 format, 6mm lens, iPhone 11 Pro


_Sidewalk_Clouds Reflection 7_img_vert_iP11_Pro 6mm

4 image panorama- 16 x 9 format, 6mm lens, iPhone 11 Pro

Sky & Cloud Reflections In Water

When it is a slow day for Wildlife images I look for other interesting subjects. Usually I look for macro shots or still life subjects. On this day I thought the cloud and sky reflections in the water looked interesting. On some images I included the tree reflections from the other side of the lake.

Cloud Water Landscap reflections v1_1350019

Usually for an image like this I would do a 2 to 3 image stack. Focusing on the sky reflections, then midway in the frame and finally on the green duckweed in the foreground. On this day I just shot the one overall image, so the duckweed was a little soft in focus, especially since I was zoomed in somewhat.


The view across the lake from the observation platform.

water reflections _1350027

water relect main view v1_1350049



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