Moon Over Captiva Island, Florida

After I finished photographing the sunset on Captiva beach and was on my way back to the condo, I noticed the moon was fairly bright. It was not a full moon, but I took a few shots anyway and liked how clear the sky was there. I am still going through images I shot there months ago, but will eventually get through them all.

Osprey Out Our Window

When we were in Florida last fall we stayed at a condo in Captiva Island. Which is just a very small bridge away from Sanibel Island and the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, where we like to photograph the Wildlife and Landscapes. We were on the third floor and not too far away towards the beach, high in a Palm Tree, was an Osprey nest. The pair of Ospreys were quite busy and frequently in the Palm trees by us. It was also fun to hear them squawking during the day. Unfortunately there was screening on the windows so I had to go down by the beach & pool to photograph them.

Captiva Sunsetting Reverse_MG_5469

Osprey Nest – center of frame. Osprey on branch, palm tree far right @ 24mm.

Osprey v1_MG_1438

Setting Sun Captiva Island, Florida

As I was walking back from the beach to our rental, I liked the colors in the sky and the backlit trees along the path. I had a 24-105mm zoom with me, but wanted a little wider view, so I did a two shot. I also positioned the starburst, from the setting sun to be somewhat centered for the final 2 shot pano. The trees on the left overlapped for quite a few trees, so I ended that side with the main single set. I liked the colors in the sky and waited till the sun was just starting to go below the distant tree line so it looked more dramatic, but was still above the horizon above the water to get the starburst.  I was using a Canon body with a cropped sensor so I did a 2 shot handheld overlapping panorama and assembled it in Photoshop. 24mm @ f/11.

Captiva sunset v1_MG_5445

Another view further down the path, single image. 

Captiva sunset dfine v1_MG_5472

View from the entrance of the path


Pelican Flying Through Sunset – Captiva Island

I have not posted any blogs for a while. We were busy with downsizing studio space at work, moving the computer room, moving printers, network cables, etc. Mostly getting everything up and runnings again. Also I did not do much personal photography for a while. In November we had the opportunity to go to Sanibel & Captiva Islands in Florida. It was fun to shoot for fun again. One of my favorite places to photograph birds and sunsets. The featured image was shot with a 300mm f/4 lens with a 1.4X Teleconverter, @ f/8 1/3200 sec.

Pelican sunset v4_MG_5500

Pelicans Flying Through Sunset – 105mm with 24-105mm @ f/11

Pelicans Captiva sunset flight v2_MG_5611

Pelicans Flying Right After The Sun Set – 105mm with 24-105mm @ f/11

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