Young White Ibis Feeding Early In The Morning

I am still going through some of my images from our trip to Florida in the Fall. On our visits to the J.N. Ding Darling NWR, we tried to get there early. While I was walking the Indigo Trail early in the morning, hoping to find some birds trying to find breakfast. I came upon a group of White Ibises. The older birds were in the lower branches, working their way through the trees. There was this one younger adult, still showing some dark mottling on the face and neck, foraging on the ground. Again it was very dark, but it helped a little for my exposure that it was a white bird! I still had to use a minus exposure compensation, but I had to go even a little further than usual because I was using average metering, so I got a little higher shutter speed. Which I needed for my 300mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter.

Wht_Ibis v3 Ding 11 17_MG_4509

White Ibis with Breakfast Bug breakfast – Canon 300mm f/4 IS Lens, Canon Series III 1.4x teleconverter

Early Morning Bald Eagle At Sunrise

I was going through old images I never worked on and found this series from the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, in Cambridge Maryland. I saw this Bald Eagle on a snag along the entrance to the Refuge. Throughout the Refuge they have snags, dead trees, setup for the Eagles to roost on. Most are quite far out, either in the water or on land across the water. I liked the warm early morning colors in the sky behind the Eagle, so I was trying various exposures since the Eagle was backlit against the colorful sky. It would glance my way every once in a while just checking me out. All of a sudden it leaned forward and seemed to be staring at me. So I took one more shot and moved on. I did not want to disturb the Eagle & I was pretty far away. I was shooting at 800mm so I do not think I was bothering it. I think it was checking me out. Plus there is a steady stream of visitors on the Wildlife Drive, so they are used to visitors stopping. These were cropped quite a bit to give more detail to the Eagle.

Eagle BWR v6_43G0354


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