Autumn Leaves

Here are some Autumn leaf images taken a few years ago. So far this season, here in NJ, the leaves are not very colorful. So while I am waiting I thought I would post these. The featured image was taken @f/11 with a 400mm f/4 DO lens with a 1.4x teleconverter. The leaf was floating in a small lake at sunrise. Images below were along the the walking paths at the Celery Farm Natural Area in Allendale, NJ.

Leaf on Leaves, Celery Farm Natural Area, Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 300mm, f/8, Canon 1D mkIV
Leaf on Leaves, Celery Farm Natural Area, Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 210mm, f/8, Canon 1D mkIV
Colorful Leaves, Celery Farm Natural Area, Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 230mm, f/8
Leaf on Stump, Celery Farm Natural Area, Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 180mm, f/11

Great Spreadwing Damselfly

I was going through backup hard drives and found this image of a male Great Spreadwing Damselfly that was taken years ago at our home pond. I was using a Canon 70-300mm DO lens @300mm on a Canon 7D. I did not realize when I was photographing the Damselfy it was considered rare.
Great Spreadwing_Damsel_male_70-300DO@300mm_7D_MG_5806

Great Spreadwing Damselfly

I am still going through backup drives for images to post here. But at the same time I am also editing out images I do not need on my backup drives. Which is freeing a lot of room on these drives for more recent work. This is an image of a Great Spreadwing Damselfly. I was using a Canon 70-300mm DO lens (Diffractive Optics) at 300mm on a Canon 7D. I was surprised that lens worked so well on this subject. It is not the “sharpest” Canon zoom lens for fine detail, but is convenient, stabilized & lightweight to carry. Also much shorter, but wider than a “normal” 70-300mm lens because of the Diffractive Optics. It really helps to shoot “raw” files with this lens & use Adobe Camera Raw to pull out more detail and smooth out the nasties.



Bird Pattern In Ice

I am cleaning up some of my old backup drives, eliminating duplicate files and just generally deleting unnecessary files. And in the process, I also found interesting files to post here. I liked ice images I recently saw on Stephen Gingold Nature Photography Blog. I found a series of ice images from about 10+ years ago. So I thought I would post some here. The featured image was a 2 shot pano captured with a Canon 70-300mm DO lens @ 300mm, aligned & blended in Photoshop. Also the featured image was photographed in early morning cooler light. It reminded me of a Bird with the beak to the left.


Multi-Image Staggered Ice focus stack @ 300mm, 1.4x Teleconverter

Ice_Abstract v2_80I4877

Lower Section of “bird” Ice Montage @ 235mm


Ice Detail @ 300mm


Ice Patterns @ 300mm


Ice Patterns @ 300mm


Leaf above Ice

Going over files from last year and found this one. When the weather starts getting colder, I like looking for interesting ice patterns in streams or along lakes and hopefully with an item in the composition for a focal point.  I found this leaf stuck in a small twig above this ice formation. I liked the early morning low sun backlighting the leaf, adding warmth, highlighting textures & patterns in the ice. Photographed with a Canon Eos 1D MkIII with a Canon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 DO IS USM @ 300mm, 1/100 @ f/8, ISO 400. I also used High Pass Sharpening in Photoshop to help bring out details & textures in the ice and leaf.

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