Early Morning Mist

There was not much going on when I was at a local Nature Area a while ago where I used to live. But the early morning mist looked interesting before the sun started coming up. So I shot a few frames since the birds were not cooperating and then went back to work.

Great Egrets Through The Bushes

I was photographing some small shorebirds when I noticed this group of Great Egrets foraging along the shoreline, coming towards me. I changed my position to get more working distance to photograph them with the lens I had on. Backing up even more as they got closer to get them all in and I shot a series of images through an opening in the bushes. This is the one I liked the best because they were lined up fairly well in the opening in the bushes. And I liked the upraised wings of the Egret in the foreground. I was using a 400mm with a 1.4x teleconverter @ f/8 which softened the bushes I was shooting through. It actually worked out better than I thought.

Sunrise In The Overcast Clouds

We tried to get to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge for the sunrise, but we got there a little after sunrise. But it did not matter since it was a heavy overcast day. Great for closeup shots, but bad for landscapes and distant wildlife. But it was still a fun day out!

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