Squawking Eagles at BWR

These Bald Eagles seemed to have a lot to say as we were passing by on the Wildlife Drive at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. They were there for quite a while, squawking loudly, as we were photographing them.

Eagles BWR_MA_1587a v2

Early Morning Bald Eagle At Sunrise

I was going through old images I never worked on and found this series from the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, in Cambridge Maryland. I saw this Bald Eagle on a snag along the entrance to the Refuge. Throughout the Refuge they have snags, dead trees, setup for the Eagles to roost on. Most are quite far out, either in the water or on land across the water. I liked the warm early morning colors in the sky behind the Eagle, so I was trying various exposures since the Eagle was backlit against the colorful sky. It would glance my way every once in a while just checking me out. All of a sudden it leaned forward and seemed to be staring at me. So I took one more shot and moved on. I did not want to disturb the Eagle & I was pretty far away. I was shooting at 800mm so I do not think I was bothering it. I think it was checking me out. Plus there is a steady stream of visitors on the Wildlife Drive, so they are used to visitors stopping. These were cropped quite a bit to give more detail to the Eagle.

Eagle BWR v6_43G0354


Squawking Willet

We went to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge over the weekend. It was a very gray overcast day. Which worked for closeup images, but was dull for subjects in the distance. But it was a fun day out anyway. This is the first time we have been here since they reopened the completed fixed Wildlife Drive. Before you only could use a very small section then had to turn around. I was surprised to see so many Black Skimmers in large groups. It was so windy it was hard to open the car door, so what was flying usually had a hard time getting where they were trying to go. Some just blew sideways or had very erratic flights. Very difficult to smoothly track in flight subjects. So a lot of my images were of subjects on the ground or in the water. I saw this Willet on a mound in front of some grasses. It posed for a while so I got quite a few images. Shot at 400mm with a 1.4x teleconverter.Willet v2 Brig_v1_43G0687Willet v2 Brig 5 17_43G0690Willet v7 brig 5_17_43G0689

Chipmunk Condo

We noticed this chipmunk in the stump of a fallen tree at the Plainsboro Preserve. It was watching us closely, probably ready to scurry off if we moved closer.  I likes all the hollowed out sections, giving depth and interest to the image. It looks like there is plenty of room for family and relatives.


Osprey With Baby Green Heron Meal

I photographed this Osprey flying at the Brigantine Division of The Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey in the Summer. I had not noticed until now it was carrying a young Little Green Heron in its claws, bringing it back to the nest.

Snow Geese In Early Morning Waking Up

We had found these Snow Geese early in the morning. It seemed that they were just waking up and getting ready for their day.




Pair Of American Black Ducks

It was fun to watch these ducks moving along in the choppy water, bouncing around with the waves, trying  to make some headway as they were paddling in the semi rough water.

Snow Geese Panorama

We went to the Edwin B. Forsyth National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, NJ to see what we could find. Most of the Wildlife Drive is closed for road repairs so we were limited to the areas we could go, which is probably only about 1/10th or less of where we used to go. But it was still fun to look for the usual Winter subjects.They are known for huge flocks of Snow Geese in the Winter months and I was hoping to see some Snow Geese, but they are usually farther into the Refuge than we could go because of the Drive closure. When we got to the Refuge the weather changed to a heavy gray cloud cover, so I was not hopeful for interesting images. Right where we had to turn around because of the road work we found a group of a couple hundred Snow Geese. It was not thousands, but it was still quite a few. It was overcast but I still shot a series of handheld shots for a Snow Geese panorama. It started to brighten up a little as I was photographing them so I tried a few different Panoramas, some of just sections of the main group. And a few of just a section of the main group. The featured image is my largest panorama of 14 images shot with 400mm lens with a 1.4X teleconverter. The followings images are smaller panoramas or individual images of the group. I also used a m43 Panasonic for a few images.


Plant Panorama – Handheld Image Stack

Sometimes while I am waiting for a photo subject to come into view, I experiment with different techniques with what I see in front of me. Helps pass the time until a photo subject flies by. I saw this tall plant and wanted to see if a handheld series of horizontal shots for a vertical panorama would work. I have done this with birds, snakes, mammals and alligators but wondered if it would work with all the leaves and branches, much more varied detail and items to line up. I was surprised it worked well, not a great composition, but more of a test project, 5 horizontal shots for a vertical panorama, with the uneven sides cropped off. Shot with a Canon 400mm f/4 DO Lens, with a 2X Canon Teleconverter.

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