Black Skimmers FlyBy

A group of Black Skimmers flying by, heading to another area at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville NJ. They were working an area farther out in the water when they changed direction and flew by me. They are fun to photograph when they go back and forth fishing an area, with their lower mandible streaking through the water. But this small group was just moving on to fish further out.





Blackwater Osprey Platforms

Along the Wildlife Drive there are a few Osprey Platforms close enough to photograph. If you are patient and have a long lens, you can usually get some good flight images as they fly in and out of the nests there. Usually in the morning or later in the afternoon. On this day they seemed content to just hang out there or fly away from where I was on the Wildlife Drive. The Ospreys in the platform closest to the entrance were busy fishing before the sun came up but it was too dark to photograph them. But it was nice to hear them screeching as they were flying around the Little Blackwater River area where I was waiting for the sunrise.


Great Blue Heron Flyby

While I was photographing a Great Blue Heron off in the distance, this closer one took off and flew by right in front of me.  I was using a slower shutter speed because I had my lens stopped down more than usual because of the distance and wanted more depth of field, so the wingtips of this Heron show some blurred movement. Thought it was still interesting and liked the movement of the wingtips.


Great Blue Heron In field before taking flight


Great Blue Heron Takeoff


Two Ospreys – Tree Toppers

Towards the end of the Wildlife Drive at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, there is a large strip of trees jutting out into the water, parallel to the end of the Wildlife Drive. Some of the trees are dead trees which act as very tall snags for the birds to roost. You can usually find a few Eagle nests near the top of some of the trees with leaves. Also Eagles seem to like roosting there. But on this day Ospreys seemed to like the tall trees. There are a few Osprey nests behind these trees plus one Osprey Platform in the water to the left of the trees.

The featured image is made from 5 horizontal images, stacked vertically, handheld, assembled in Photoshop, taken with a Canon 400mm f/4 DO lens with a Canon Series III teleconverter.


Osprey Platform in water to the left of the line of trees.


One lonely Osprey on treetop. again 400mm w/ 1.4x teleconverter, 5 shots handheld.

Kingbird With Dragonfly Meal

I was photographing a Great Blue Heron along the Wildlife Drive, when this Kingbird landed to the right of me. I noticed it had caught a Dragonfly for a meal. I think the dragonfly was an Eastern Amberwing. The Kingbird was not close so I tried to get a little closer and I managed to get a quick shot before it flew off.

Young Black-Crowned Night Heron

When we were at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge I noticed this young Black-crowned Night-Heron along the Wildlife Drive. There are a few areas along the drive that seem to be a popular spot for them to usually be there to get a few photos. They are also one of my favorite birds to photograph, especially when they are searching for a meal. _BCNH v3 brig 2016 MG_7028BCNH v2 Brig 2016_MG_6998

Blue Dasher Dragonflies Showing Signs Of Wear

These Blue Dasher Dragonflies (males & females) are showing signs of wear already this season. Their wings have tears and missing areas.

Blue_Dasher_Female v1_worn_Wings_43G0015Blue_Dasher_v2_DM 7 18_43G0052BlueDasher_V1 DM 7 18_43G0041



Widow Skimmers At Davidson’s Mill Pond

I am still going through my images of dragonflies I photographed at Davidson’s Mill Pond Park in NJ. It has been extremely hot here in New Jersey. That seems to make the dragonflies even more active. But seems to have the reverse effect on me! Here are two images of 2 different  Widow Skimmers. Images focus stacked and assembled in Photoshop. Shot with a 400mm f/4 lens, extension tube then a 1.4x teleconverter to achive closer focusing on the dragonfly. It is fun to hunt for Dragonflies here because I am finding some I have not found where I used to live.

Widow_Skimmer Dragonfly_v2_MG_1704-2



Halloween Pennant

The Halloween Pennant is one of my favorite dragonflies so I like it when I find one (or more) to photograph. At my old home I had my own pond which was my combination macro & dragonfly studio along with several favorite National Wildlife Refuges with different varieties of dragonflies. So I am still exploring the local parks near my new condo for good dragonfly locations. I had the week off but the heat index was 110 degrees plus & minus all week so it was tough to get out to look for subjects to photograph. I did manage to get quite a variety earlier in the week and I am going through them.

Halloween_Pennant v2_DM_MG_1699Halloween_Pennant_v3_DM_7 18_43G9055Halloween_pennant v2_DM 7 18_43G9062

Early Morning Mist

There was not much going on when I was at a local Nature Area a while ago where I used to live. But the early morning mist looked interesting before the sun started coming up. So I shot a few frames since the birds were not cooperating and then went back to work.

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