Blackwater NWR Panoramas

Here are a few panoramas from the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge, Maryland. The featured Sunrise image is a panorama image made with 5 horizontal overlapping images, each shot at 24mm and assembled in Photoshop. This is an image of the Little Blackwater River along the entrance to the Wildlife Drive. The final size for the featured sunrise image is 95 inches long x 18 inches high @ 300ppi. Sunrises & Sunsets are usually very colorful at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge which is one of my favorite photo destinations.


Blackwater NWR Sunrise across from the lookout platform along the Wildlife Drive. ( 2 image Pano)

Image below is a multi-image vertical panorama. Sometimes it is fun to try different format orientations instead of ones you usually see. Most panoramas are Horizontal.


2 vertical images blended for vertical Sunrise panorama shoot @ 24mm


Single 12mm Sunrise Image

BWR 10_img_pan_dusk_v5

Dusk Panorama Further Down The Wildlife Drive. 10 vertical images @ 24mm combined for panorama 

BWR Sunset_B_vert_24mm_images_vf4

Dusk Panorama Along Wildlife Drive. 6 vertical images @ 12mm for panorama.


Sunset At Brigantine

A colorful sunset at the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, NJ. Image taken with a 24-105mm zoom @ 24mm along the Wildlife Drive.


Closer view of sunset color in water & ice @ 105mm

bwr ice subrise_MG_4097

Closer Sunset Colors On Ice @ 400mm

bwr sunset ice_80I0180

Colorful Ice & Water At Sunset – 400mm

Eagles BWR 07_Y9F9007

Bald Eagle on Snag with Red-winged Blackbirds in Background.

Blackwater NWR Sunrise

The featured Sunrise image is a series of horizontal images stacked vertically to get more of the colorful clouds and sky at sunrise. Five images shot at 12mm, aligned and blended together manually in Photoshop with soft edge masks. This view is not far from the entrance on the Wildlife Drive looking out over The Little Blackwater River.


6 images, horizontal, overlapping & combined manually in Photoshop for final image

The image below is around the corner from the featured & above image, by the Observation Platform, looking out at the Blackwater River.

6_Sunset v2_MAL7908

Sunset On The Golf Course

It was supposed to be a nice sunset so we took a walk on the Golf Course in our community. These are a series of panoramas / image blends combined in Photoshop from 2 to 7 images each. I used a Canon 24 – 105mm zoom lens, handheld, at various focal lengths. I also tend to try to overlap images more for panoramas. We also were in different areas for the series as we were walking and moving towards the sunset. The featured Image was 2 images @ 105mm. Being in NJ, you will also see a few with jet contrails in the clouds. It is tough in New Jersey to get a sky sometimes without them and I had a limited time to shoot the series so I left them in.

Golf Course Sunset 7 img 35mm blend

7 Image Pano / blend @ 35mm, horizontal images, Pano assembled in PhotoShop.



3 Image Pano / blend @ 45mm, vertical images, Pano assembled vertically in PhotoShop

Golf_Course_Sunset_5img v3 pano

5 Image Pano / blend @ 32mm, horizontal images, Pano assembled in PhotoShop


3 Image Pano / blend @ 88mm, vertical images, Pano assembled in PhotoShop


2 Image Pano / blend @ 45mm, horizontal images, Pano assembled in PhotoShop


2 Image Pano / blend @ 32mm, horizontal images, Pano assembled in PhotoShop. Concentrating – Centered on the main cloud

Golf_Course_Sundown v1_24mm_43G2744

2 Image Pano / blend @ 24mm, horizontal images, Pano assembled in PhotoShop


2 Image Pano / blend @ 24mm, vertical images, Pano assembled in PhotoShop


2 Image Pano / blend @ 24mm, horizontal images, Pano assembled in PhotoShop

Bird Shaped Clouds

This series of cloud images reminded me of birds in flight. They sort of looked like a bird’s body and outstretched wings floating by in the sky. I tried a few cropping and focused on a few different cloud formations.
Bird_Clouds v2_80I9575Bird_Clouds_80I9564Bird_Clouds v1_80I9568Bird_Clouds v1_80I9571

Meeting House 4 Image Verical Panorama

This is a 4 Image vertical panorama of the Meeting House in the condo community we live in now. It is a multi-use building for the whole community and it reminds me of areas I used to like to photograph in New England when our children were small. They liked Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts among others. I tried a variety of ways to photograph this building to see which way I liked it best plus it gave me an opportunity to practice or try different effects and combinations.

For this image I shot 4 images, handheld, vertically at 24mm. I used a lot of overlap on each image because I was shooting at 24mm (vertically). It helps having a lot of overlap in the images when using a 24mm, it seems like Photoshop handles it better and you get less “distortion” in the combining of the separate images.

On this version the clouds were amazing, so I continued up to include a lot of clouds & sky.

It seems like the more you do of these panoramas the more you learn and have a higher success rate. Also if you are just walking around and traveling “light” with just one lens, it gives you more options for photo subjects.

Gull Pond Panoramas

While at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, I shot a few panoramas along the Wildlife Drive at Gull Pond. The featured image was a 2 shot panorama. Shot at 24mm, with 2 horizontal images, combined in Photoshop. With the featured image I purposely included the empty tree branches on the right to add some interest and some depth. I tried to position the larger branches where there was an open sky with few clouds.


3 horizontal stacked images, vertical panorama, @ 24mm 


4 horizontal images, stacked horizontally, @ 24mm

More Firey Clouds At Sunset

These are more cloud images from the previous post. A couple are 2 shots combined, either stacked vertically or horizontally, combined in Photoshop. All shot with a 24-105mm at various focal lengths.

Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1_MAL9354Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1_MAL9351Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1_MAL9359Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1 2 sht panoFirey_Clouds_Sunset_2sht pano_v1_MAL9388Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1_MAL9388Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1_MAL9391Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1 9375-2sht_h_PanoFirey_Clouds_Sunset_v1 2sht_Pan

Trees In Winter


I was walking through a local park here in NJ looking for some photo subjects and get a walk in since it was a warmer day. Then I noticed the bare trees. Without their leaves you could really see the structures of their main branches, medium branches going off the main limbs and then the smaller twigs going off. They looked interesting seeing them this way when I had never really paid attention to them in Winter before. You see different patterns of branches, some branches look graceful going out to the smaller branches. Where others look all twisted and chaotic, reaching for the sky.

Winter Trees v1 DM 1 18_43G0850

Winter Trees DM v2 1 18_43G0858

Winter Tree v1 DM 1 18

Winter_Trees_DM v1 1 18_43G0854

I had to add one with leaves. Interesting seeing the green on this one with the leafless trees in the background.



Screaming Tree Stump

We were taking a walk at the Davidsons Mill Pond Park to get some fresh air. It has been bitterly cold lately here in New Jersey so it was nice to able to get out and walk. It got to 50 degrees but had very strong winds. Much better than being in the minus numbers. I took a camera with me, just to see what I could find. I saw this tree stump and the little branch on it looked like an arm and the top looked like a mouth and an ear to the right. Or maybe I was just trying to find something to photograph and saw it this way. Anyway I thought it was an interesting subject.

Screaming Tree Stump DM 18 v7 silver efx_43G0835

“Feathered” Old Grayscale Version

Screaming Tree Stump DM 18 v7 daguerreotype_43G0835

“Older” Sepia Toned Version

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